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2) Pat H. 
Cleveland, Ohio Location
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Saturday, July 21, 2012 11:14 PM

Great Place for a Family Reunion Eight adults and two young children just spent four glorious days at 241 Charleston Road, joined for meals by five other adults from different parts of the family. We arrived from six different states and Australia, in various degrees of travel-frazzle. The spacious peace and quiet of Charleston Road soon put us to rights. The long pier was perfect for sitting and talking, kayaking and canoeing with the youngest and oldest members of the family: lifejackets and equipment were available for all ages. Inside, air conditioning and plenty of "public" space meant that people who wanted to read and talk one-on-one could do that and people who wanted to play games could do that and people who wanted to cook could do that. The weather was VERY hot, but the air-conditioning meant we were all comfortable inside. Barbecuing on the deck, and eating outdoors in the cooler evening were easily managed, since the well-equipped kitchen has china, glassware, and silver for at least 20 people. Having the washer and dryer helped with young children and beach towels. Because the house is about fifteen minutes from Ocean City and about 20 minutes from Assateague, we could make day trips to the boardwalk and to the National Seashore easily--the National Seashore is the best, and we had a pony sighting, too. (Also, the Ward Wildfowl Museum in Salisbury is well worth a visit.) People caught a few crabs off the pier and threw them back--it was fun, but the local crab houses were MUCH easier! Some fished, but the bass eluded us. The number of bedrooms fitted our needs perfectly, and we did not have to colonize the public space for sleeping. Dawn and Matt were willing to work with us; it was very helpful to find a house that would for less than a full week, on an unusual schedule, which accommodated the arrival of our Australian family. We couldn't have asked for a more suitable, more beautiful, more delightful place to stay for a large reunion group. We recommend it highly, and all of us would come back in a heartbeat--but probably we won't round everybody up again for a few years. Thanks so much!

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